tattooing since 2009 - private studio


People try to contact me through various ways. After a while this all gets quite unclear & confusing. Because of time constraints I no longer reply to questions via phone, text messages, different e-mail accounts, personally, via social media & several apps, through friends family & other customers, etcetera.

The online form seemed like a proper solution. Yet after 15 years of tattooing I still remained weeks behind on replying to my mails. Hence why I'm now doing something else entirely.

Did I already tattoo you in the past? Send a mail & we'll briefly talk about what to do. Are you a new client? In that case I'd prefer that you visit the tattoo studio beforehand in person. Nine Saturday afternoons per year are reserved to book new clients & talk about your desired tattoo.

To apply for a spot only mail info@horisu.be (please don't use any old e-mail accounts) & I'll answer you within the week. Feel free to ask other questions as well. If you're not yet 100% sure what tattoo to choose or you'd like to give me carte blanche, just send a mail and we'll work it out.